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Groep 7

Groep 8

Preparation lesson 10

Test D during next lesson, review words for lesson E, do worksheets in book E1-E3 , work on handouts together.

Pronouns (not explained a lot yet) - watch the film:

Watch youtube Katy Perry @ Sesamestreet, Lyrics are in the deck.

    • Can you recognize the contractions?

    • Can you recognize the prepositions?

Work for the planning - preparation lesson 9


    • All vocabulary of Unit D

    • repeat all vocabulary of Unit A, B & C.

1. Watch ==>

Meester Gijs: vragen en ontkenningen

Dit is een uitleg voor de worksheets die gemaakt moeten worden die gaan over het maken van zinnen en ontkenningen. Belangrijk om dit eerst te kijken voordat je begint met de opdrachten! Het zijn 2 filmpjes:

2. Do:

  • Do all worksheets on the pages 49, 50, 51, 53 & the worksheets that were handed out in class (Contractions & Change a positive sentence to a negative sentence)

  • Write a short story / conversation(10 lines) between a petshop keeper and a customer. Use 2 questions in it and at least one time don’t.

hulpwerkwoorden = auxiliary verbs

hoofdwerkwoorden = main verbs

Preparation for lesson 7

● Learn vocabulary up to D3.

● Do worksheets C5 C6 C7 C8

● Do worksheet handout on verbs

● Do short exercise on verbs (write few sentences).

Videos on YouTube:

  • Watch: Action Verbs Sing along

  • Understanding The use of HAS and HAVE for Kids ... -

  • Present continuous tense

Preparation for lesson 6

Explain work on the planning for next lesson:

● Whimpy Kid ‘Draw up your family tree’ en ‘rules for your family’

● Presentation on clothes (paar zinnen)

● Read the poem ‘Shorts’. Practice to read it fast. We will do a challenge next time.

● Repeat all vocabulary of Unit C (you can use Wozzol or WRTS)

● To practice the vocabulary, watch: Feelings, Bodyparts, about greetings in English

Preparation for lesson 5:

● Prepare Test B

● Learn: t/m voc sheet C5

● Do: worksheets C1-C4

● Extra (for the advanced kids): Presentation about your family

Homework English for Lesson 4


      • Vocabulary till C3 (use Wozzol/Wrts)

      • Herhaal alle woordjes tot nu toe.


      • Worksheets Unit B 5 to 8

      • Worksheet 6, number 2: Write a story about your Saturday (Probeer hierbij de voorzetsels van tijd goed te gebruiken.)


Practice with the clock: Telling the time in English with teacher Stefania

AT, IN and ON Prepositions with Time - Tutor Time (English Grammar) Wall Street English Indonesia

Work for your planning (Preparation for lesson 3)

Prepare for the Test of Unit A.(next week!!!). The test is in the book! So practice it and learn the vocabulary. Note that numbers must be written in full!

● Learn: vocabulary sheets of Units A+B (You can use Wozzol)

● Do: worksheets B1, B2, B3 & B4 (Use full sentences in ‘What day is it?’ & ‘Answer the questions’)

● Read the article Motor Racing and answer the questions.

● Your life by the numbers’ (Whimpy Kid) - answer the questions. There are some difficult words. Look those up in a dictionary or via the internet (google translate) to understand the questions.

● Prepare a short presentation on what you will do during your autumn break / or what you will do in your weekend. A few sentences is enough. You can do this in pairs.

Work for your planning (preparation for lesson 2)

Learn: vocabulary sheets A1-3, B1 (see also the back of your book)

Do: Worksheets Unit A.


  • Worksheet 2, exercise 1 and 2 -> write the numbers in letters!

  • Worksheet 2, exercise 2 -> practice ‘to be’ (see page 42 in your book & the hand out)

Practice the pronunciation of the numbers and the alphabet

Watch the following movies : Counting 1-5


Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann


I Know My ABC’s (Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby Parody)


Letters That I Need To Know (Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye Parody)




Watch the following movies : Counting 1-5

I Know My ABC’s (Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby Parody)


Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann

Letters That I Need To Know (Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye Parody)

Lesson 1

  • Introduction

    • Introduction of myself

    • How we will do the lessons:

      • We will primarily speak English!

      • Rules

      • One week this class, next week work in your class and I give you work for your planning

      • Work with the book & with handouts

    • Introduction of all students

Pronunciation of letters. Usher ABC:

Do Hangman!